Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The wave is coming...

but I can't tell if its a good wave that I'll be able to hang 10 on, or one that's going to wipe me out. Times seem to be tough, especially considering the state of our economy. As much as I love the truth as preached by the good Dr. Ron Paul, I can't help but wonder how and when anything significant will get done to truly make a positive difference toward change.

How far do we need to be pushed as a nation, until we push back. Who do we push back? All the answers are there, as easy as a few clicks of the mouse on the Internet, but how many folks are really looking for them? So many people are paralyzed by fear or ignorance, likely a combination. Those of us trying to do something about these problems are hitting obstacle after obstacle and getting poorer as we go along.

I feel that the wave's coming, but I fear that it's a tsunami of economic backlash that will mostly wipe out the middle class of this country, and send us into the status of a 3rd world nation. If that happens, what then for the current 2nd and 3rd world countries?

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