Thursday, September 25, 2008

when do I really wake up?

I'm not trying to be extremely philosophical with the title of this entry, but I did just notice as I was re-reading the last line of my first entry "Live, Love, and Laugh freely" that I hadn't really felt awake yet this morning, until that realization of how simplistic a thing life can be, if we choose that. Thoughts of my day to come and yesterday past were monopolizing my mind, to the point of partial blindness to actually being here in the now. Granted, I know the importance of forward planning and learning from history, but I believe there needs be a healthy balance, since the only thing that can be done about the past is rememberance, and the only thing that can be done about the future is speculation, but here and now in the present I have the power to LIVE, to ACT, to BE. I choose to love and laugh or to hate and bemoan. It's an infinitely powerful realization of one's own right to exist, to create, and to have joy.

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