Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Xander is a smart kid. He'll be 4 years old this summer but is already into the stuff I liked when I was 5, maybe 6. He can watch old episodes of Voltron non-stop via NetFlix - Instant Queue, w/o commercials! I can tell he has a thing for Princess Allura, like I did... do.

During learning time this morning on he was learning that 'sh' combined makes the "shhh" sound. Of course he still pronounced it more as a "sss" not knowing how to position his teeth and tongue to get the right sound to come out. So naturally I explained it to him and demonstrated how to keep the tongue back and close the teeth to allow the whistle-like sound. He nailed it after a couple tries and can now pronounce phrases like "she shops for shoes".

I was proud and saddened simultaneously. Here's my little buddy growing up and graduating from his little speech impediment that his mom and I still find entertaining and cute. It won't bother me if he forgets this lesson for a few more months...

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Eileen said...

I can't believe how fast they grow! I'm so proud of him and I was very pleased to hear his progress over the phone today! I know what you mean about the pride and sadness hitting all at once. It's the same whenever there's a movement in life, it's the nature of it. How can you move to the next step without simultaneously leaving the last? *sigh* Little ones.....they are true heart breakers.