Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"The vastness of the Universe...

... is inside of a seedling."  A lyric to one of my poems/songs.  A rare moment of deep understanding, of pure presence, as fleeting as a moment, though true and clear as the light of day to me, in that instance.

As life moves on, ever-horizontal and linear through the common illusion we acknowledge as time, I can reflect on that lyric, when "time" permits, to visit and experience the realm of wonder, the 'quest'  of an 'ion' such as myself, to ask and thus, to exist.

Questions have answers.  Inquiring minds live and pulsate with thought and wonderment, chaotically, but alive.  To solve a puzzle is to end the journey, to terminate the chaos of the mystery.  Is Omniscience a form of death?  How can there be life if there is no mystique, if all is known?  Are we then as the parent who must live vicariously through their child to catch a glimpse of what was once magical, once mystical?  Is that what we are, here in this life, as a reincarnation of what had once been so new, so fresh, so simple and pure yet so entertaining?  As is witnessing the first laugh, the first steps, the first anything of a babe-child?

Can there really be an ultimate question?  With a very finite number of karmic paths, along with a finite number of genetic combinations, as well as a finite number of worldly experiences, is there truly such a thing as infinity?  Is this why choice-chaos can never be nullified?  Can this be the reason for an opposition in ALL things?

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Eileen said...

This post really speaks to me because I'm trying so hard to become a farmer! All the talk of seedlings and philosophy really resonate. :)